Sunday, 3 January 2010

Setup & Organize Your Safelist Advertising

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Setting up your advertising will take some time.It could take two days or a week depending on how fast you want to have everything done.But once you do it you will find your Safelist daily work much easier.Then,the actual promoting will take very little time.

First of all,it's highly recommended using Mozzila Firefox browser.You can download it by clicking here

#2.Open two Google accounts.Create one account for signing up to the safelists ("contact" email) and another account for the safelists to send emails to you (so called "list" email)
Go to click on Gmail link then "Create an account"...

#3.Now you are ready to sign up for Safelists.Go to the Safelist Organizer section of this blog and sign up to some using your gmail Contact and List Email.You will need to validate (confirm) your signup clicking on validation links that they send to both your emails.

#4.Now you are ready to post your ads.Whatever program you promote the Safelist Organizer will help you much.Prepare your ad in one Notepad document with Header,Body and URL you promote and save it to your Desktop.Now,go to Safelist Organizer .You will see all the Safelists listed there.Right mouse click on each Login link,than Open in new tab and you will come to the Login page of that Safelist.That way you can open 10 or more Safelists so you can easily post your ad to each of them,one by one.
Once you try this tool you will stay forever,so easy it is.

#5.Create filters for each group so you can keep your inbox clean in both your email accounts.Full explatanation on How to create filters you can find in free ebook "How To Earn Huge Online Profits Using Free Safelists" you'll not need to download it, you can read it online - Click Here

#6.Come every day and post your ads!
Once you try this tool you will stay forever,so easy it is.
We do everything we can to make your life easier.

IMPORTANT:Create labels and filters for each Safelist Group in your Contact email account and labels and filters for each Safelist in your List email account.

Goto Safelist Organizer

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